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    iXS Dirt Masters

This year, thousands of festival visitors were not only able to shop, browse, test and get advice, but also take part in cool activities at the stands. A big THANK YOU therefore goes to more than 100 exhibitors, who once again had so much to offer this year!

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Expo Area Statements

We have captured them, the voices of the exhibitors. In this video you can find out what iXS, the Bike Kingdom, Magura and many other interesting stands have to say about their time at the festival.

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The grand Opening!

The first day of the iXS Dirt Masters Festival 2024 was phenomenal. Over 100 exhibitors raised the roller blinds and presented their latest products. The first races and contests also took place. All videos are available on the iXS Dirt Masters YouTube channel, check them out!

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More Expo Videos

The other days of the festival had everything. There was racing and of course tricks, sun, clouds and even downpours, joy and tears - sometimes even at the same time and lots of important and unimportant things. Here you can see the impressions of the Expo Area.

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After qualifying in the morning, it was time for the big show in front of thousands of spectators and quite honestly, it couldn't have been more of a highlight. An absolute storm of tricks hit the iXS Dirt Masters Festival, with the crowning result that Tom Isted immortalised himself as the winner of the first 2024 FMB World Tour Gold Contest.

FMB Gold Event

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Rap am Samstag i XS Dirt Masters 2024 29

Music Masters 2024

All the party action

EDM, hip-hop and fat beats, some familiar but also some new faces provided you with an incredible atmosphere at the iXS Dirt Masters Festival. Here you can see all the videos of the party action once again.

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Merch with Special Prices

Memories to wear

The iXS Dirt Masters 2024 is history. What remains are many fond memories, prestigious entries in the winners' statistics, thousands of rolls of footage and cool merchandise.

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VPACE Rookies Jam i XS Dirt Masters 2024 SG 2

The young guns

Rookies & Kids

In 2024, there were once again many events for the young riders of the bike scene. The VPACE Kids Cup, the Orbea Enduro Challenge and the VPACE Rookies Jam offered talented youngsters a big stage to show the world their talent.

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