last update January 5, 2023

How should I behave at the festival?

Honestly, we try to keep the festival as relaxed as possible - so please act normal, friendly and calm. Please cooperate with the security in general. Don't break anything and don't leave any rubbish. #cleanerthanbefore

Here is some more information we would like to give you:

  • Bringing alcoholic beverages is prohibited! Glass bottles are not allowed in the slopestyle area.

  • The security is instructed by the regulatory authorities to pay attention to youth protection regulations, so it is for example not allowed for young people under 16 to drink alcohol or smoke. Young people under the age of 18 are also not allowed to drink spirits or smoke.

  • Adolescents under the age of 18 are only allowed at the evening event, if accompanied by a person with parental authority.

  • Driving unauthorized motor vehicles (e.g. pit bikes) is prohibited on the entire festival grounds.

  • Pyrotechnics, bengal fire and fireworks are prohibited and will be prosecuted by the police. This is solely for the safety of the visitors.

  • If you have to bring dogs, they have to be leashed.

  • Information, start times and result lists are available at the organization office (start building of the bobsleigh run) as well as at the bike store.

  • If you have any questions, please contact the Info-Point.

How do I find my way around the festival area?

On our site plan you will find important points for orientation.

What do I do if I feel harassed or bullied?

As at some other big festivals, you can approach festival staff, security and especially the crew at the info point at the iXS Dirt Masters with the phrase "Where to Panama?". They will then escort you out of the situation and take you to a safe and shielded area. Together you can discuss the next step: Do you just need a moment's peace, do you need a paramedic, do you want to make a phone call or should the police be contacted for you?

Do I have to pay an admission fee to visit the iXS Dirt Masters Festival?

No. As always, admission to the festival is free of charge: Access to the Expo area, the races of the iXS Downhill Cup, PROPAIN Rookies Cup, the 4X ProTour, the VPACE Kids Cup, the Schwalbe Uphill Flash and the Orbea Enduro race is possible without control.

However, since 2021 it is necessary to buy a ticket for the slopestyle area in advance.

I have ordered and paid for tickets, but unfortunately the ticket has not arrived yet. What's going on?

In this case, please check your spam folder first!

When can I buy tickets?

Tickets for the slopestyle area are available from March 31, 2023 on!

Where can I buy tickets?

As soon as ticket sales start, you will find an item in the menu under "FESTIVAL".

What do I need tickets for?

To get access to the slopestyle area and to participate in the Rose Best of 10, TSG Whip Off (final contest and qualification) and slopestyle (FMB + amateur) events as a spectator.

Which days do I need tickets for?

Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday the access to the slopestyle area is free of charge, unless the contest has to be postponed from Saturday to Sunday (in that case the tickets from Saturday keep their validity).

Do I basically need a declaration of consent of my parents if I am underage and am I allowed to participate in a contest with it?

No. You do not need this for the festival itself.

According to the Youth Protection Act, minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to attend the evening event. Young people over 16 but under 18 are only allowed to attend the evening event if accompanied by a parent or guardian (with a completed "Muttizettel"). You can download the form here and have it filled out and signed by your parents: Erziehungsbeauftragung.pdf

This parental authorisation does not apply to registration for competitions. For this, your parents must fill in and sign the respective consent forms.

Which tracks are usable during the festival?

The following tracks are available for all visitors during the iXS Dirt Masters:

  • Beginner & Kids Parcours mit Pumptrack
  • KyrHill (inor restrictions due to VPACE Kids Cup)
  • Woodpecker
  • Schwalbe Loose Lee
  • North Shore (not all sections can be ridden)
  • SRAM Flow Country
  • Schneewitchen Trail
  • Fairy Trail

Attention: From Monday (15.05.2023) before the festival the trail preparations for the competitions will start. From then on, detours and restrictions on the trails must be expected!

I would like to help - how can I apply as a marshal?

Also this year we are looking for helpers for the competitions Downhill, Fourcross and Enduro. You can find more detailed information under the menu item "Volunteers".

How and where can I register for the individual races?

Information about the competitions can be found in the menu under "Athlete Info". To register, you need a profile on racement.com, in which all the events in which you could participate are listed.

How can you take part in the TSG Whip Off presented by SPANK?

The legendary TSG Whip Off presented by Spank is once again an invitational this year, meaning only invited riders are allowed to participate. Nevertheless, you have a chance to be at the start as well.

How to do it?

More detailed information will follow soon. It will be announced in good time in the news section and on Instagram.

This year, we want to give 20 riders an equal chance at a starting spot. Therefore, there will be no on-site registration in 2023. We will identify 20 riders through this Instagram contest to ride a qualifying session in Winterberg on Thursday. The best 3 will move on to the seeded field of riders! Maybe more than 3, we will see! ;)

After the closing date, the evaluation will be carried out with eagle eyes and the chosen ones will then be contacted.

I would like to participate in a competition on Facebook or Instagram. What are the conditions of participation and guidelines?

Under the following link you will find the conditions of participation and guidelines for the competitions on the festival's social media channels.