Ticket Shop Slopestyle Area

Here you can buy the following tickets for the different events in the slopestyle area.

Description Day Competitions Price
Multi-day ticket Thursday - Sunday Rose Best of Ten
TSG Whip Off pres. by Spank
FMB Gold Slopestyle
32,90 € zzgl. VVK
erm. 14,90 € zzgl. VVK
Day ticket Thursday Quali Whip Off
Rose Best of Ten
9,90 € zzgl. VVK
erm. 4,90 € zzgl. VVK
Day ticket Friday Pre Quali Slopestyle
Signing Sesh FMB Riders
TSG Whip Off pres. by Spank
11,90 € zzgl. VVK
erm. 5,90 € zzgl. VVK
Day ticket Saturday
FMB Gold Slopestyle
14,90 € zzgl. VVK
erm. 7,90 € zzgl. VVK

Attention: Tickets are required for everyone aged 6 and over.

Please be there early, as there may be waiting times at the entrance. The event area opens daily at 12:00.