Expo Information

EXPO AREA | 60 Euro per sqm*
  • Booth at the expo area
  • Parking and exhibitors passes
  • The booth size is calculated from the length and depth of the booth. Only a square shape can be booked. Any vehicles used for storage purposes, for ex-ample, must be included in the stand area. It is not possible to park vehicles outside the booked stand area on the event grounds.

    Due to official orders, it will not be possible to enter or leave the expo area by car early in the morning or in the evening on the individual festival days as it was in the past years. Vehicles parked within the booked stand area must remain there for the entire duration of the festival.

    *All prices are exclusive of electricity, monitoring and waste disposal flat rate of 220 euros and statutory VAT.

    **Overnight stay in the Team Pit is not possible and not allowed!