Enduro Challenge



Provisional | last update April 28, 2022

Day Description Time
Friday Handing Out Starting Material 18h00 - 19h00
Handing Out Starting Material 09h00 - 14h00
11h00 - 14h00
Training Kids Enduro with Guide 11h00

Special Stage E-Bike 14h00
Rider‘s Meeting 15h15
Kids Enduro Race and Awards from 15h00
Prologue from 17h00
Sunday Handing Out Starter Materials 08h00 - 09h00

Rider‘s Meeting 09h15

Race from 09h30

Awards Ceremony afterwards


§ 1 Registration/Entry

Every rider has to use the registration form on www.dirtmasters-festival.de. For registration please include the date of birth.

Starters under the age of 18 need to submit a parental consent form to register for the race. A corresponding form is available on the download section.

The transfer/delivery of a starting place, to third parties is always precluded.

§ 2 Registration time limit

Entry and payment deadline is always on Tuesday before the races. The registration will be valid when the registration process is completed and the PayPal payment was made. If the fee is received on the account a confirmation e-mail will be sent.

If the registered starter cannot attend the race, they have no right to reclaim the registration fee.

If the registration quota is reached the organizers reserve the right to close registration prematurely.

§ 3 Entry Fee

The fee to attend the race is 50,- € (30,- € for the Kids Enduro Race) if received one week before the registration deadline.

After the registration deadline the fee increases to 60,- € (40,- € for the Kids Enduro Race).

Participants have to bear any bank charges incurred for transferring the entry fee.

At the number board handing out the starter lends on pawn a transponder. The pawn amounts to 50,- €. The pawn will refund when returning the intact transponder after the race.

Any additional processing fee shall be borne by the participant.

If the event has to be cancelled in advance, the participant will be refunded the entry fee minus the processing fee. If the event is cancelled due to weather conditions etc., the entry fee will not be refunded.

§ 4 Number boards

Riders must display their handlebar number while course inspection period. Number plates must be readable throughout the competition.

Changes to the number boards concerning form, size and design are not allowed.

§ 5 Starting permission

The races is open to professionals and hobby riders.

§ 6 Starting intervals

The starting intervals between riders at the special stages are at least 20 seconds.

§ 7 Starting order

The starting list will be published at least 1 hour before the race begins.

The starting times are binding. In the event of delays or interruptions the starting order is to be maintained.

The starting order is determined by the result of the prologue. The fastest of the prologue will start first on race day etc.

§ 8 Classification

Class Year of birth
Pro Men 2005 and older
Pro Women 2007 and older
Open Men 1993 - 2003
Open Women 2007 and older
Open Masters 1992 and older
Open Junior U19 2004 - 2005
Open Youth U17 2004 - 2005
E-Bike Men 2005 and older
E-Bike Women 2005 and older

Participants of the Men and Women categories can enter the Pro orOpen class during the registration process based on their self-assessed level.

Classes Kids Enduro Race Year of birth
Kids U15 2008 - 2009
Kids U13 2010 - 2011
Kids U11 2012 - 2013

§ 9 Course

The course will be officially announced at the start number distribution. Barrier tape and arrows will distinguish the course. Arrows distinguish the transfers from one special stage to another. When a rider leaves the marked course due to a technical mistake, the participant has to return to this exact point before continuing the race.

The participants have to complete the whole stated course without interruption. Leaving the course is not allowed both at the special stages and at the transfers. Paths and roads which are not included in the official course may not be used, except in cases of emergencies. If a rider assisted after an accident, he can repeat this special stage.

The course consists of six special stages and flyover sections in between. There will be an additional stage for the e-bike class.

There will also be a special stage on Saturday as a prologue. This stage plus possibly one more will also be used for the Kids Enduro Race.

§ 10 Course Inspection

The course inspection is only possible for specific parts of the course during the official period according to the timetable. Out of this period the track is closed, so it is not allowed to ride the course. For participants of the Kids Enduro race there will be a guided training lap on Saturday morning.

§ 11 Results

The several times of the special stages will be added. The transfer stages will not be a part of the final result. To be included in the ranking it is necessary to complete all stages, to reach the finish line within the time limit and to cover the whole distance on his or her own.

The result of the queen´s stage will determine the result in case of a time draw. The queen´s stage will be the last special stage, except another stage will be defined before the start of the race.

The prologue at the day before the race is the first special stage, the participation is however not obligatory. In case of not participating or a time result that is 100 % slower than the class' winner's time, the participants will be listed with twice the best time.

§ 12 Timing

For the Enduro format a special timing system will be used. Every rider will carry a transponder. At the beginning and end of the special stages the time data will be transmitted. When passing the timing station both an acoustic and visual signal will indicate this transmission.

The transponder must be fastened to the wrist.

The transponders will be collected and sorted right after crossing the finish line. In case of losing the transponder, the participant cannot be classified.

§ 13 End of the Race

At the start of the race a time limit regarding the latest possible arrival will be announced. In case of a later arrival the rider will not be included in the rankings.

§ 14 Award ceremony

The first three riders will be honored with a ceremony 30 min after the race.

§ 15 Equipment

In general, helmets and knee protectors are required. At the special stages it is mandatory to wear full-face helmets and knee protection. Moreover, protectors for elbows and back are recommended.

Failure to comply with gear regulations will result in disqualification. The local organizer is responsible for enforcing compliance with gear regulations. He is also allowed to tighten the protection rules.

§ 16 Technical condition of bikes, equipment and clothing

Every rider is responsible for the bike, the material and the protection equipment. The condition, quality and construction are to ensure the safety for riders, competitors or other persons. The equipment/safety gear must be marked with a seal of approval of an international inspecting authority.

During the race the participants are not allowed to replace parts of their bikes (frame, fork, suspension elements and wheels). For this purpose, the riders can use the so-called Tech-Zone. On the course, it is only allowed to replace parts that can be transported by the riders themselves.

§ 17 Technical infoamtion for e-bikes

In addition to the regulations already mentioned, there are further special guidelines for e-bikes. Only pedelecs with a rated continuous output of 250 watts are permitted in the Enduro race. The permanently installed motor may accelerate the e-bike to a maximum of 25 km/h, in accordance with the EU Motor Vehicle Regulation. The motor serves only as a support and is in no way a substitute for pedaling. This type of pedelec does not require a driving license, test certificate or traffic license plate. Only standard pedelec batteries are permitted for the race. The use of modified batteries is expressly not permitted. Furthermore, the battery may neither be changed nor charged on a race day. Inspections of the pedelecs may be carried out by the organizer or persons appointed by him. If any of the above provisions are disregarded, this may result in exclusion from the competition. In this case, there is no right to a refund of the registration fee.

§ 18 Race jury/chief of competition

The local organizer will appoint a chief of competition. Furthermore a committee will be constituted. This committee includes the chief of competition as well as representatives of time keepers and/or the race’ organization. Any decisions concerning the race procedure, infringements and particularly decisions regarding disqualifications will be made by this committee. During the training and race period, the race jury is situated at the finish area or organization office.

§ 19 Flying Marshals

Flying marshals will be appointed during the training and race period. The marshals are allowed to walk on the track in order to secure compliance with regulations. Potential infringements will be documented and evaluated by the race jury. After consulting the chief of competition, flying marshals are able to disqualify riders – effective immediately.

§ 20 Reporting

Every rider is requested to report any kind of violation of the general regulations immediately after finishing the race. In case of such violations, the Jury may agree on time penalties. If a rider violates the regulations without reporting it voluntarily, the jury can agree on harder sanctions or on disqualification.

§ 21 Protest

Protests against results or disqualifications are to be addressed to the racing officials.

§ 22 Responsibilities

Riders attend the race on their own account and at their own risk. The rider is responsible for the safety of his bike and clothes. The organization is not responsible and cannot be held responsible for any injuries and damages as results of any action during the whole racing weekend. All riders are responsible for insurance cover concerning damages based on the participation in the race. A health insurance coverage is obligatory.

German right applies for all legal issues.

During the transfer stages the riders are participants in regular traffic. In this case, the StVO applies completely. It is, therefore, highly recommended to carry some kind of lamp.

Moreover, participants should carry a mobile phone during the course inspection and the race. Emergency numbers will be published on the notice board in the race office.

The riders are required to help other riders in cases of emergency. The race officials can revise the results with reasonable time adjustments. In case of verifiable failure to render assistance (in an emergency) the rider will be disqualified.

§ 23 Waiver of liability

The participants dispense with the registration altogether regarding indemnity claim or regress towards the organizer, designee, commissaries, authorities or other person in association with the event.

The liability waiver comes into effect upon registration with the organization. Over and above this no further claims can be made. Specifically excluded from liability are sponsors etc.. The organization keeps the right to make any necessary changes or even to cancel the whole race according to safety problems, official orders, government laws and other unforeseen events at any time in the race without obligations regarding indemnifications.

The subscribers of the registration accept the terms and conditions of the regulations concerning the implementation of the competition, other specific determinations of the event and the responsibilities and waiver of liability.

The participants confirmed explicitly the correctness of all data of the registration.

§ 24 Withdrawal

The racing officials hold the right to withdraw starters if they feel there is a danger for the starter or any other person.

The participants are obliged to comply with the safety regulations in force at the event and to follow the instructions of the organizers and other staff.

The race officials are authorized to make decisions regarding the regulations and enforcements.

§ 25 Data protection

By submitting an application to take part in this race the participants also allow the event organizers to use personal data for campaigns and activities connected to the events. The organizers shall have unlimited rights to publish pictures of the participants; to forward these photos to press representatives and to use them for marketing activities.