iXS Dirt Masters 2020

Always #fullgas!

14 years of iXS Dirt Masters in Winterberg. It's safe to say: this festival is one of the spring classics of each mountain bike season, for the majority of riders even the most iconic event for a proper kick-off of the season.


In 2020, Europe's biggest Gravity Festival will take place in Winterberg from May 21st to 24th, transforming the local Bikepark into the most spectacular event area on the continent. As in previous years, the Bikepark Winterberg expects more than 1,800 athletes from all over the world to compete in various disciplines in May 2020. Last year, almost 40,000 spectators strolled through the Bikepark Winterberg and let the spectacle inspire them. Spectators and participants will be offered everything their hearts desire: breathtaking action, thrilling competitions, international pro athletes and a great time with their friends!

Warsteiner Whip Offs - Winterberg 2019 © Kai Brake Warsteiner Whip Offs - Winterberg 2019 © Kai Brake

The bike season is officially still in hibernation, but the preparations for the iXS Dirt Masters 2020 are in full swing. The 14th edition will focus on successful bike events like iXS Downhill Cup, Specialized Rookies Cup and the Kenda Enduro One Series, as well as the Continental Slopestyle and the Bike Mailorder 4X Rumble.

As before every season, Bikepark Winterberg's eager shaper crew will be busy getting all the bike park trails in shape and giving one or two of the tracks a new flow. The focus last year was clearly on the redesign of the 4X track:

„Directly after the iXS Dirt Masters Festival 2019, trail designer Joscha Forstreuter and his team turned the existing 4X track in our bike park inside out and created a completely new jump line which turned out really awesome!“

- Nico Brinkmann, Bikepark Winterberg

This new track has already been inspected by Scott Beaumont, the head-organizer of the 4X ProTour, of which the Bike Mailorder 4X Rumble will be the second stop, and his statement about the upcoming race sounds more than promising:

„I think it will be the best 4X race we have ever done in Winterberg!“

- Scott Beaumont, 4X Pro Tour

BMO 4X Rumble / 4X Pro Tour 2018 in Winterberg © Stephan Peters BMO 4X Rumble / 4X Pro Tour 2018 in Winterberg © Stephan Peters

After a year's break, in 2020 the world's highest fourcross series will be back in Winterberg with a bunch of international athletes. Exciting races are guaranteed when four riders enter the course at the same time. Only the best two get one lap further. For spectators, this will probably be one of the big action highlights of the festival.

Additionally, the iXS Dirt Masters shows again that it is a real participatory event and offers meaningful workshops in cooperation with the Ride First Bike School for the already advanced bikers among the spectators:

"I enjoy giving riding technique workshops at the iXS Dirt Masters Festival in my home region Hochsauerland for a few years now: The atmosphere is great, the people are great and I can pass on my expertise - so the participants can be more than passive visitors and fans, but become better on the bike themselves! I have been part of this legendary event since 2006 and I am super stoked about it!“

- Marc Brodesser, Ride First Fahrtechnikkurse

Furthermore the industry-feedback is extremely positive, so that the Expo-Area, the heart of the festival, will be full packed with exhibitors again. Many well-known bike manufacturers have not missed the sportive development of the festival during the last years. Big names such as Lapierre, Scott and Radon are returning to Winterberg and raising the Expo Area to a higher level this year.

Rose Best of Ten - Winterberg 2017_1.jpg

With the support of the Bikepark Winterberg, the organisation crew will do everything possible to ensure that the riders of all disciplines can rage innovatively and progressively. Another Gravity Festival in a class of its own, where everybody is welcome, no matter if old or young, beginner or pro is to be expected! Please note that the schedule has been adjusted and optimized this year, so some events will take place at different times, sometimes even on different days.

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